MayaProPhoto is a photography service nested in Northern Indiana.

Maya also travels to the Chicagoland & Central Florida area at various times of the year. She captures lifestyle images of elite members in society who are powerhouses in the public eye.

“I work with a combination of makeup artists, wardrobe consultants, videographers, and designers when developing a project.”

She is categorized as a Fine Art Photographer who offers professional headshots, editorial images, product photography, and family portraits. Also, Shoemaker specializes in newborn portraiture as well.

You may have seen some of her viral work throughout social media, as her very own newborn’s photograph broke the internet when he was just 5 days old on Twitter!

Reaching an audience of over 4 million viewers, Maya has been determined to continue actualizing her divine life purpose through her photography.


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!!Seeking Models!!

In search of models ages 19-23 who are in the Northern Indiana area.

Email a photo of yourself to Hello@MayaProPhoto.Com

Current Projects

“A spiritual photo project in collaboration with artist Dorthy Jean Carter.”

With this Fine Art Photography project we are aiming to center it around tapping into your inner child, while also reconnecting with your inherit spiritual side. I will be selecting men and women of color, as well as many ethnic backgrounds, & illuminating them within nature. Their faces will be painted in elaborate details and vibrant colors highlighting excitement and optimism found in everyday life.

We are looking for the common person for this photography journey, yet they are not ordinary at all. In fact, the chosen few who will be incorporated into our artistry will possess unique attributes, skills, and carry a wealth of wisdom.


Who is Jean Carter?

Jean is an artist located in Elkhart, Indiana who utilizes a myriad of materials and produces fantastically imaginative works of art. She has had a niche for over 12 years, repurposing junk and turning it into jazzy masterpieces. The whimsical details in her work captivates many spectators. Jean has been featured in magazines, art shows, as well as showcased in her own solo show -“Black Canvas”- at the Black Arts & Cultural Center.


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